I’m in the mountains, miles and miles from the nearest road. There is absolutely no sign of any human existence. No traffic noise, no buildings, no cultivated fields, not even the sound of aircraft flying high above; just a stunningly beautiful mountain landscape and a wide, open sky. My eyes can barely take in all of the beauty in one go, such is the scale of it all. I am at peace. A deep, meaningful peace that permeates my whole body. And then all of a sudden I hear the call of a golden eagle, soaring high over the crags above…and my heart sings like that eagle on the wind!!

Mountaineering is special! It takes us into those rarely travelled and exposed craggy places. Where our aim is to reach the very highest points. Moving ever upwards; determined and singleminded. The vista’s expanding as our energy levels deplete. But when we finally make the top, exhausted but happy to the core, we know it was worth every ounce of doubt and effort. For it was truly a worthy cause!

Book on our mountaineering courses and learn the skills you need to explore some of the most remote, wild places.

We can also create a bespoke course especially for you, please GET IN TOUCH to let us know what you’d like to cover

Remote Walks

We have some treat’s in mind for you! Having journeyed far and wide, all over this beautiful country’s mountainous areas, we have selected what we feel are the very best walks. From accessible hill walks across what is probably the Peak District’s most-loved ridge, to the highest mountain in the country via the least travelled but most visually stunning path, we have a walk that will take your breath away (in more ways than one!).

Learn to Mountaineer

Learn the tools and techniques to scramble safely and efficiently, and you will be starting the journey towards becoming a fully fledged mountaineer, perhaps even going on to climb on the world’s highest mountains! Moving confidently and making the correct decisions on steep terrain, are key skills to scrambling safely. The focus on our courses will be on developing those skills, under the guidance of our experienced instructors, building your confidence so you can ultimately go it alone.

ML Assessment Prep

Having completed the Mountain Leader training course, you have begun the journey towards a qualification that is highly respected throughout the world amongst other mountain walking professionals. As you get closer to feeling ready for assessment, you may feel that polishing such key skills as rope work, steep ground judgement, relocating and micro nav, is of vital importance. We can help you refine those skills and give you the confidence to book that assessment course…

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