Stood at the bottom of a difficult route, nothing is certain. Will my arms get too pumped before I reach the top? Where exactly does the route go? What is going to happen if I fall? But then I close my eyes, take a deep breath and suddenly all those negative thoughts evaporate, like early morning mist in the sun. My heart steels itself and I’m ready…LET’S GO!!! I move upwards with purpose, no thoughts of past or present, a calm determination comes over me and my body instinctively knows what to do…

Climbing is special, of that there’s no doubt! It takes us into that breathtakingly high world that only birds know. And when we reach the final easy hold, whooping and hollering, we feel truly and deeply alive, it’s like no other feeling on earth…YESSS!!!!

Book on our climbing courses and learn the skills you need to become a safer, better climber

We can also create a bespoke course especially for you, please GET IN TOUCH to let us know what you’d like to cover

Outdoor Climber

Start your journey on rock or transfer your indoor climbing skills from the climbing wall to some of the UK’s world renowned outdoor cliffs. Each course will be tailored to your current climbing level, from beginner to intermediate. We will remove the mystery surrounding placing climbing protection, teach you techniques that you won’t have used indoors and of course you will climb as much real rock as time allows! Our instructors have been climbing outdoors for many years, and are experienced and fully qualified, rock climbing instructors.

Learn to Lead Indoors

Progressing from top roping to lead climbing can seem to be such a big step. After all, it is obvious that you can actually fall! Many climbers start leading for the very first time by simply tying on and going for it, hoping for the best. But what these climbers may not realise is that there are many intermediate steps that a new leader can take beforehand, which will build their confidence, give them an understanding of how to lead (and belay) safely and ultimately stack the odds in their favour of making that top clip!

Fear of Heights Course

First off, it’s completely normal and totally understandable to have a fear of heights. In fact, our species has evolved to be wary of heights in order to keep us safe from harm. Our brains have been hard wired that way! The only reason climbers aren’t scared of heights is because their brains have become desensitised and because they have full confidence in the well established rope systems they employ to keep them safe. This course is about teaching you how those safety systems work and, only in steps that you feel comfortable with, help you desensitise your brain. It is important to add that you will, at all times, be in complete control; in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

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