I’m in a small aircraft, smaller than anything else I’ve been in before. It’s getting buffeted around because it’s so small. I’m strapped behind a guy called Mike. His confidence is infectious but I’ve got butterflies in my stomach, because in a few moments we’re going to jump out of this aircraft! All of a sudden the door opens and the air rushes in! It’s instantly, incredibly noisy. THIS IS IT!!! My heart threatens to leap out of my chest. A quick smile and reassuring squeeze on my arm from my instructor and we’re inching towards the door, the ground thousands of feet below…

‘Adventure’. For us it is much more than just a word. It is exploring a wild and barren desert, where very few people been before. It is skydiving towards the earth, our heart in our mouth. It is paddling down a gentle river, the smile on our face genuine and full…It is much more than a word, it is what it means to be truly alive!

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